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VehicleControlAddon v1.0.0.0
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VehicleControlAddon v1.0.0.0

This script varies the steering speed depending on the speed you are driving, and it rotates the camera to match the steering angle and direction. Shift-Left limits throttle, cruise control and maximum rounds per minute to 75%. With Shift-right and the cursor keys you can peek in the corresponding direction. If you press Ctrl left together with W then the driving direction snaps to fixed directions. Additionally, there is a simple gear box. It was never planned to make a super realistic gearbox. The following transmisions are available:
off: the standard gearbox without customization
IVT: Still the standard gearbox but with little adjustments to the allowed RPM range. More to come...
4X4: An old fashioned transmissoin with 4 gears in 4 groups and shuttle control. Shifting gears takes time and you might lose momentum.
4PS: The same transmissoin as above but with power shift for the gears
2X6: Two groups with 6 gears. This transmission is useful for G27/G29 gear shifters. There is a low and a high range. The 6 gears in each range do not overlap with the 6 gears in the other range
FPS: Full Power Shift: The transmission has 12 gears and shifts without interuption.
6PS: 6 gears with power shift: This transmission has 6 gears. Each gear can be reduced by about 80%
All functions are switchable with the following default key combinations:
Ctrl Left + C: Settings
Ctrl Left + W: Snap Angle (continue)
Alt Left + W: Snap Angle (reset)
Shift Left: Throttle limiter / reduced cruise control speed
Shift Right + Cursor: look forward, backwards, left right
Space: Change direction (aka shuttle control)
Please check the keys for shifting. G27/G29 gear shifters are supported.
The 7th gear of the gear shifter is special. If you use action binding ksmShifter7 please make sure that shuttle control is enabled. This action binding will swtich into 1st reverse gear.
Best transmission in combination with a gear shifter are 2X6, FPS and 6PS.


  • Fucking happy camper
    2019-08-14 00:52
    5 0
    hell yea about time we got a mod like this. main reason y i didnt enjoy fs19 much was because it didnt have gearbox mod but this this gift sent from up above just made my day thank you so much bud cant wait to see what future updates u come up with.
  • Yee yee
    2019-08-14 04:05
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    frickin best mod ever been using for a while now so much more realistic thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Erin12
    2019-08-14 09:22 Send message
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  • Guest
    2019-08-14 11:11
    6 1
  • Milan
    2019-08-14 13:45
    2 0
    Great mod thank you very much .Five stars for the mod!!!
  • Jeff
    2019-08-15 19:58
    1 0
    Man it's absolutely awesome!!! Thx for the hard work!!!
  • Jeff
    2019-08-15 21:30
    2 0
    By the way guys, you need to unzip the file. Into the folder you will see "FS19_VehicleControlAddon.zip". This is the file you need to put into your mod folder. If you put the zip directly into your mod directory it will not work.
  • Farmerb
    2019-08-17 12:22
    1 0
    Great work by Mogli I'm assuming, with latest versions available on Github? Anyone having stuttering issues between gears in some settings may need to untick the old Speed Control mod. I really like this concept - it's much better, so I binned Speed Control. Well done, thanks!
  • Tim121672
    2019-08-18 20:49 Send message
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    @JEFF---Thanks bud, was just going to check that out as it was not working in my game.
  • Name
    2019-12-29 21:07
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  • Akbar
    2020-02-15 16:53
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  • Fs17?
    2020-04-20 17:42
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    IS THIS FS17?
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