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VehicleFruit Hud v0.52 Beta
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VehicleFruit Hud v0.52 Beta

This mod extends the LS19 own VehicleFruit Hud with the following additional information.

Version 0.52 Beta
* FIX MP/Host VehicleFruitHorseHud (Double Display)

Version 0.5 Beta
* Fix VehicleFruitHud true/false (not loaded over XML)
* New optional VehicleFruitHorse Hud (Horse Riding) (see XML )
* New performenc check

Version 0.45 Beta
* Fix Comaptible with VehicleInspector Mod
* New optional slide Effect POS X Fix over XML

Fill / Fruit Name, Fill Percent, Capacity
No more and no less
And if you do not like it should not load it :-)

1. Publication only with original download link. NO replacement link
2. Altering and re-uploading is not permitted.

Modell: HappyLooser
Textur: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idee / Konzept: HappyLooser
Tester: HappyLooser
Sonstige: HappyLooser

  • Orange crush
    2019-02-10 21:36
    2 0
    Your effort is greatly appreciated however as of the next game update this information will be in the base game. With that this was a very useful mod and will still be useful until the game update is live for all. Strongly recommend at this time for people not playing Beta.
  • Horse hud
    2019-02-10 22:42
    1 0
    Even after the 1.3 update, I think we will still need this for the Horse HUD.
  • Name
    2019-02-15 15:46
    0 1
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