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VehicleInspector v1.5 Beta
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VehicleInspector v1.5 Beta

The VehicleInspector should give you a quick overview of your vehicles. What do they / what they have loaded / which are active etc. etc.

Version 1.5 Beta
* Fix searchInvertColorByVehicleTypeName XML (not loaded)
* Fix seeFillLevel XML (not loaded)
* Fix careScale (cleanliness Horse%)
* Fix miscellaneous
* New optional support for Parking Vehicle Mod (see XML Settings)

In multiplayer and single player games.
This is a Simple Convert version of my VehicleInspector 1.3 in LS17
!! Not everything works yet and not everything is unlocked !!
The mod also uses the LS19 own query the same s ... as in LS17.
XML Settings File for Mod:
... / LS19 / modsSettings / VehicleInspector / vehicleInspectorSettings.xml <-------

New: rebootXmlESC value in XML File
If rebootXmlESC is true, you can change all Life Update data in the XML file if you press 1xESC and leave once in the XML file. Once you have completed your testing phase, you should set the rebootXmlESC back to false to avoid unnecessary scripting / calls. If you set something wrong or overlook something, you may get error messages in LOG.TXT
Color Code Description: Click here
New or activated (XML Values):
isFillFull (1.46 or higher) showVehicle is FillLevel Full (100%)
isFillLevel (1.46 or higher) showVehicle is FillLevel (1-100%
isInGameMapOn (1.48 or higher)
isInGameMapOff (1.48 or higher)
posDown (1.48 or higher) (showMod) set VI under / over InGameMap
seeFieldNumber (1.48 or higher) (showTxtOr) !! Attention performance !!
seePlayerFirst (1.48 or higher) (showTxtOr)
seeHelperFirst (1.48 or higher) (showTxtOr)
seeHelperName (1.48 or higher) (showTxtOr) (user wish, for HiredHelperTool Mod)
isBackground (1.48 or higher) (colors) VI Background Color Values ​​RGBA
seeBackground (1.48 or higher) (colors) BackgroundColor ON / OFF
resetPoY (1.48 or higher) (gobal) is frozen under HelpMenu can fix
isTest (1.49 or higher) (NO_SUPPORT_TEST) Vehicle Select / Join see info
Not active (XML Values):
isInGameMapOn (1.46)
isInGameMapOff (1.46)
The variety of vehicle trailers etc. makes it impossible to test everything and every constellation. That's why BETA and that's why a modder needs bug reports
Buglist for Current Version: Fix Check Not Reproducible Info
Incompatible with VehicleFruitHud 0.4 (Thx for Report)

No more and no less

And if you do not like it should not load it :-)

1.Publication only with original download link. NO replacement link
2. Altering and re-uploading is not permitted

Modell: HappyLooser
Textur: HappyLooser
Script: HappyLooser
Idee / Konzept: HappyLooser
Tester: HappyLooser
Sonstige: HappyLooser

  • Name
    2019-03-11 15:53
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    Very well mod thank you
  • Just a guy
    2019-03-11 22:01
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    Thanks for the mod update on this. I will give it a shot and update of any issues. I have been using the first version since release and have had no issues at all with it. Really love this mod. Keep up the great work. Cheers,
  • Name
    2019-03-12 04:42
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    how do l get it 2 show on the HUD, mine is just showing up when l use F1 controls
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