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Versatile Transport Trailer v1.0.2.0
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Versatile Transport Trailer v1.0.2.0

Versatile Transport Trailer

Changelog v1.0.1.0:
- Issue fixed: Slidding vehicles on the deck

Changelog v1.0.2.0:
- Issue fixed: Improved slidding vehicles with tracks (thanks to Dutch-Modding)

- Extreme versatile trailer to transport your equipment
- Configurable lenght in 4 versions (20GN/BP, 30GN/BP, 40GN/BP & 50GN/BP)
- Configurable tail options (flat deck or ultra wide ramps)
- Configurable front attacher (gooseneck or bumper pull)
- Foldable log poles as an option
- Buil-in field service compartments to transport bulk materials and liquids
- Wheels selection option based on the target of your job
- Custom made wood panels and details
- Custom selection of colors plus the default ones
- Adjustable front attachment point for right balance of the loading
- Tension belts available to fix your cargo
- Dynamic Mount attacher enabled to ease the transport of equipment
- Price: 8000


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