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VertiMix XXL feed mixer v1.1
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VertiMix XXL feed mixer v1.1

With a Big Fram and many cows, you just can not get along with the standard vertiMix:
The VertiMix XXL with 50000 liters capacity and adapted loading and unloading speed.
For those 50k is a bit exaggerated is also a 30k version.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: S3ri0us

  • Tator
    2018-12-28 05:14 Send message
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    Just to keep it easier to keep the TMR ratio correct you should have the capacities at 34k (double the standard 17K) and at 51k (triple the original). Then loading bales you just multiply the standard ratios whether you use the 2x or 3x. Hope that is helpful to you in the future.
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