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Vestas Windkraftanlage v3.0
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Vestas Windkraftanlage v3.0

Hello, today I would like to introduce you to a Vestas wind turbine.
She comes from the LS15. The system was equipped with LS19 standard functions. Compared to the original of the LS15 I also exchanged the sound.
Price: 1.500.000 €
Maintenance costs: 500 € per day
Power per hour: 32kw
Revenue per hour: 2000 € (easy), 1500 € (normal), 1000 € (difficult)
It is my first mod, so I would be happy about possible suggestions for improvement in the comments !!
Changes in V2:
Maschinenhaus can now turn from the door (thanks to Kastor !!!)
Changes in V2.1:
Lua Call Stack has been fixed.
Changes in V3:
Added "Day / Night Objects" feature.
Texture as well as store picture was partially changed.
Please use only the original link !!!
A big thank you goes to Kyosho, who gave me permission to upload this mod. I also thank you at joker301069, because without him I would not have been able to realize the mod due to my inexperience in the modding area!

Modell: Kyosho, Giants
Textur: Kyosho, FSven, Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Kyosho, Giants
Tester: FSven
Sonstige: FSven

  • 3verland
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    This was already released by someone else.
  • 3verland
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    On top of that, I've visited several countries, and I have yet to see a silver or gray wind turbine, they are all White. Mostly I suspect for higher visibility.
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