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Volksbrunn Map v1.0
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Volksbrunn Map v1.0

Here I offer you the map Volksbrunn to download.
The Volksbrunn is a converted Felsbrunn Standard Map.
A complete new farm was created elsewhere with all the animals on the farm.
The dealer moved near the yard.
Where the fields 4 and 5 were is now a large, flat meadow.
There are also better launch vehicles.
Please keep in mind that on the map could still be mistakes!
I always try to fix them in a timely manner.
I hope you have a little fun with the map.

Original Map: Giants
Unterstand: 1LS12
Redi90: Waschplatz

  • Peeter
    2018-11-26 00:22 Send message
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    I have a question, is terrain editing working for you? i see my changes in GE but it's not working in game. I've tried all maps avaible here... i like flat maps "_"
  • Alex2ruote
    2018-11-26 01:37 Send message
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    @PeeterWorks for me, but even though I flattened the terrain I wasn't able to put placeables on it.
  • Jonesy
    2018-11-26 08:35 Send message
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    thanks thats great
  • Goatsfarm
    2018-11-26 09:08 Send message
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    Hey guys, I found it out. You also have to own all the surfaces in the GE to change them. This is what you do in the xml file >> mapDE_farmlands >>>> > If you can just undo that after the change? ? I am not that far yet.
  • Goatsfarm
    2018-11-26 09:15 Send message
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    oh there was an mistake i can not post it. Why?? All files must look the files you possession
  • L'ours des plaines
    2018-11-26 10:32 Send message
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    bravo aux moddeurs et merci.c'est vraiment bien.Pour placer un mod,il faut acheter le terrain où se trouve la ferme,comme pour un champs normal.encore merci
  • James t
    2018-11-26 10:55 Send message
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    Like the map but cannot pick up hay from next to feed trough at sheep with tractor and bucket. Vehicles are not mods. Regards James.
  • Lyriga
    2018-11-26 12:32 Send message
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    Interesting, I'll test run this map to see if I can make a horse farm with it. On a look out for one that could be ideal for it. Found one that is actually for logging - older transferred to FS19 but it of course does not have enough sales points or an animal dealer, pity. I would have loved to clear out forest at some flat enough area to design my own fields and farm yards and then eventually of course ride in the rest of that area, endless forests.
  • P4tr10t3
    2018-11-26 21:53 Send message
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    Could be great if it would work on multi. for now it doesn't
  • Ccml91
    2018-11-26 22:18 Send message
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    superbe Maps ......trés beau travailleMerci !
  • Hefilump
    2018-11-26 22:57 Send message
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    Doesn't work with Saitek steering wheel plugged in - will not even allow mouse click
  • L'ours des plaines
    2018-11-27 21:53 Send message
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    où se trouve les palettes de laine produites,merci
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