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VOLVO A40G FS19 v1.0
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VOLVO A40G FS19 v1.0

This mod is not mine it has only been improved.
- The conversion of the original wheels has been done, to this mod of FS19.
- The dust of the moving wheels has been added to the vehicle.
The original wheels of the creator of the mod have been recovered, the monster truck wheels that have been put in all the Volvo A40 mods are not yours.

model: polygonish/titi/GR40

Texture: titi

script: tony35/fredzaza

  • Max


    2019-11-27 20:41
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    Brilliant mod, thanks, what map are the screenshots taken on please?
  • Name
    2019-11-27 23:45
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    The map is Flusstal4 I am adapting it for mining, farming, freight transport and more, but the map is personal and non-transferable.
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    2019-11-27 23:46
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    Thank you.
  • Name
    2019-12-16 23:22
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    Warning has virus !! If you download it, it will be your responsibility.
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    2020-11-22 21:24
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    Can u use it on Xbox???
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