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Volvo Fh16 Woodchip and trailer v1.1
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Volvo Fh16 Woodchip and trailer v1.1

Releasing my new Volvo Fh 16 Flis car.
Chapel being rolled off.
Boggie lift on car or trolley. Can select number of axes with.
Frontloader features to tip and open the page.
Lift is the side.
emptying the bucket or lifting is the tip.
This mod may NOT under any circumstances be uploaded to other sites than Lantmanenfs.
Movie ran with different version
Unzip packet . truck and trailer.

Tobias W L
meistro und Team

  • Kamilla
    2019-11-18 13:25
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    The trailer is sliding a bit when it's loaded.Or is just my game ?
    • Lantmfs
      2019-12-06 02:17 Send message
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