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Volvo Pack v1.0.0.0
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Volvo Pack v1.0.0.0

After months of work and many exciting hours, it’s finally time. The Volvo fh is coming for you to download. You’ve had to wait a long time for this pack. We apologize that this took so long! I myself would never have seen my volvo in such a big pack! I have to say one! I am always happy that nevertheless the com is holding together in some places! I would like to thank all those who are involved in this project. R&M Modding has been part of it from the beginning and has installed all the could and what else is part of it! D&L Fahrzeugbau we owe it that the day driving lights in this pack are in it. Then I would like to thank Heiko Grüttner, Kevin Ritter and Sven Clausen for all the parts and animations! Of course, I also thank my team for the support in testing and error finding! It was a pleasure to do this beautiful project with all of you! I hope for continued good cooperation with all of you! Thank you for everything!

Mfg Luxxmodding / R & m modding

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    Post Luxxmodding 28.04.2019
  • Mark
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  • Proteus
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    THOMAS I really liked Truck mod.Could more colors and metallic5 stars 1 like
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  • Rocket gameer
    2019-08-10 15:43
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    love the mod use it all the time
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    wich link will I download
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