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Warzee Pack v1.0
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Warzee Pack v1.0

Here the complete Warzee pack with all parts in a .zip
There are several xml's in the mod that comes from it's bundle packs are always 1 machine out of 2 parts
This means that the main xml has to access 2 different xml files.

Pack consists of the following components:
5 devices = Warzee Shredder de250, Warzee Shredder de551, Spike 1, Spike 2, Spike3 = 5 single xml files

Join in:
3 bundle xml = Skidsteer de250_skidSteer, Frontloader de551_frontloader, Telehandler de551_frontloader
And since each of these 3 bundles has 2 devices when buying (1x Shredder 1x Pike each)
the bundle xml has to tell the game.
"I am sharing a mod from 2 and need deshlab 2 xml setup"
The de250.xml and the spike1 xml together make de250_skidSteer.xml
The de551.xml and the spike3 together make de551_frontloader.xml
The de551.xml and the spike2 together make de551_telehandler.xml
results in 8 xml, 3 of which are anchored but only in the Moddesc

Giants Software GmbH
Butters tuning Schmiede (BTS)

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