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White 145 work horse beta
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White 145 work horse beta

This is the White 145 work horse and it is still a beta so more updates to come.
Hope you enjoy the mod and have great fun with it.
Please use sharemods link to support me to make more mods.
youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCovCFJ9loAqpjGbNwPIktHg?view_as=subscriber

adub modding

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  • Babcock
    2019-07-31 05:26 Send message
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    Thanks Afub (ik its adub its a discord joke)
    • Adubs
      2019-07-31 05:31 Send message
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      yes i know lol thanks
  • Dickweasel
    2020-01-19 19:42
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    who did adub steal this one from?
  • Yeetypeet
    2020-02-05 14:57 Send message
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    can you make a modhub.us dowbload link? when I use share mods my security detects things and sais to stop using the website
  • If youd like a final version
    2020-03-16 20:46
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    go to YouTube and search tiredbog farms click on of his fs19 vids then go into the description and click on the link that's says mega nz tdb farms mods folder scroll to the bottom of his page and click on white work horse . youll get sounds good graphics and more. no afense adub U R AWESOME could you try converting the FS17 IH pack thanks happy trails everyone
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