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Wild Grass v0.9.0.0
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Wild Grass v0.9.0.0

Adds to the planters the function of planting grass outside the fields.
Experienced farmers are already familiar with this mod from the previous version of the Farming simulator - the mod adds to seeders the ability to sow grass anywhere, even on asphalt. With the help of this mod, you can remove the ugly "bald patches" after the skating rink-field killer, after terraforming, or after selling buildings and objects you don't need. The mod works on planters that initially have grass in registration, which do not have the function of cultivation and without a fertilizer. After selecting the grass seed planter, a hint appears - “O” - enable or disable the planting of wild grass. If on - additional tip "J" offers to add flowering weeds to the grass and how many (in%). After the release of the patch game 1.3, a grass texture was added to the terraformer, so the mod's usefulness is now questionable, but it can nevertheless be useful to someone.

Installation instructions for Wild grass mod in FS19:

Your first action will be to download the archive using the appropriate button below. Mods on our site are virus-free, and 99.9% have any extension other than “.exe”!

If the downloaded file has the extension ".zip" - you do not need to extract anything from this archive, but just transfer it to the folder for other modifications, although there are exceptions. If the downloaded archive has the extension ".rar", then, as a rule, it contains a whole pack of mods - you need to unarchive such archives. Specifically for this mod, you need: file in ZIP format - transfer to the documents folder / my games / farmingsimulator2019 / mods /.


  • Farmerlee
    2019-03-06 17:35 Send message
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    Hasn't this already been released some months ago? What's the difference with this one?
  • Re. farmerlee
    2019-03-06 18:49
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    No difference at all, except the ModHub.US bot has finally trawled the internet and found it, stolen it and re-uploaded it here without the original author's permission.
  • Wah


    2019-03-06 22:51
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    its not stolen if you never owned it to begin with. learn to read what you agree to before you open dah mouf. On top of that its not needed when you can the person crying about it did not even make the mod or the script they stole a giants model and someone elses script.
  • Me


    2019-03-06 23:06
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    @WAH: You need to learn to read. Maybe go and actually read the Giants' EULA, then stop spreading that myth that mod authors have no rights. But who cares about facts, the myth is more convenient, so people can justify mod theft.
  • 0 1
    Stealing is taking by Theft..what doesnt not belong to you..this den of thieves and such the likes all over this interweb..only justifies stealing..with loop hole reasoning..because that's all your pee brain sees - are WAYS of avoiding truth & responsibility..fuck you. thieve..your a scum bag in LIFE and in the Cyber world..a thief is a thief no matter the business..and this whole mod scene is full of the shit..careful where you step
  • Faelandaea
    2019-03-07 00:38 Send message
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    Thanks for putting this here.
  • - yawwwn
    2019-03-07 04:27
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    @Faelandaea - Where else does the thievery of mods discussion belong? on fake CNN News? or..we just turn an eye, and look away - pretend this don't exist? see..YOUR ONLY LISTENING TO HAVE A TURN TO SPEAK - but your not hearing..what anyone is saying. hey Thieves - this how you gonna leave your foot print in cyber. is by Thieving - your dad put you up to this? ..your teacher?..your classmates?..who Thief..who has you buy the balls like this..has to be someone elses fault..why - your just a thief.
  • Guest
    2019-03-07 13:05
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    bunch of crying azz puzzies up in here.
  • Ksmallz
    2019-04-07 14:40
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    I agree with guest. If you dont want your mod all over the internet, then dont share it on the internet. Common sense, use your brain and not your mouth
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