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Willamina Forest v1.1.0.0
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Willamina Forest v1.1.0.0

Primarily made for forestry, this map also has a farm sell point for players that would like to work the land.

There are no primary roads on this map, however you will find small trails to show the easy path to take.
It is your decision how the roads should be placed. In some cases you may need to use the terrain tool to smooth the land and add road textures.

Change Log:
* Fixed farmland issues that didn't let you buy parts of the land around the map border.
* Fixed floating markers at the grain sell point.
* Fixed floating objects around the sawmill.
* Fixed barn sell point so it works better with trailers unloading grass.
* Fixed all floating trees. Most were around the grain building.
* Moved trees away from the map border which were stuck in the collision wall.
* Re-applied the bushes so they are more spread out and not on the pathways.

Catalyzer Gaming

  • Good work modder
    2019-07-13 04:02
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    Love the map when I need to scratch the logging itch. Great work on the changes and thanks for your work!
  • Amazing map
    2019-07-13 21:02
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    If you like logging this is the map for you I had fun Streaming it Thank You THOMAS Great Work!
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