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Wooden horse stable with dung v1.0.0.3
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Wooden horse stable with dung v1.0.0.3

In the description is already the most important thing. What else is there.

The water is now animated.

Oats - Double Door Crate Trigger goes to the door.
Hay - horse stables bales in the door.
Water - water trough at the gutter.
Straw - Simply drive to the doors of the stables with the straw spreaders.
Crap - Just remove it from the dung heap
All doors open and close
All rooms have lights and switches
Now I wish you a lot of fun

Modell: Becks
Textur: free
Idee / Konzept:Becks
Tester: Becks

  • Tunson
    2019-01-08 12:57 Send message
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    Hello,I was wondering if the top compartment of the building was built for storing bales. If so, how do you intent to move the bales around, once they are up there?I can't find a mod where you can move the bales around with your hands, which is the reason that I am asking this question.Thanks!
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