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Wooden horse stable with dung v1.0.0.5
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Wooden horse stable with dung v1.0.0.5

This is my first own mod.

- straw bales acceptance
- Pasture gates have changed sliding gates and it has become one more.
Hope you have fun LG Beck

It is a small horse stable with manure function, however, unfortunately, the crap is not visible in the display but the dung heap you can see it clearly. The hay fillplane is unfortunately only without funtion because it is not yet possible.

Oats - Double Door The Crate Trigger goes up to the door
Hay - put horse stable in the doors
Water gutter. Water drinker
Straw - Blow the straw into the stable doors with the spreader.
Price - 49000 euros
Horses - Fit 8 in the stable
All doors open and close
All rooms have lights and switches
Now I wish you a lot of fun


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