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ZIL-130 Diesel v1.2.0
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ZIL-130 Diesel v1.2.0

Based on the ZIL-130 from IGORyaN.
Sounds changed.
Engine parameters changed.
Added sounds of the pneumatic brake system.
Remade the mod for those who are dearer to the diesel ZIL, and not the carburetor!

Version 1.2.0:
Changed engine sounds.
The engine is replaced by D-260


  • Arbos
    2019-10-07 15:52
    2 0
    The sound is nothing like the real thing, the sound is just a copy from a small tractor mod... truck is good as a mod itself, but if you are here for the diesel sound. keep looking.
  • Course play not working
    2019-10-08 00:27
    1 0
    Course Play not working! It sounds like shit, like a tractor ! MOD-motherfucker! SHIT !
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