Farming simulator 2019 mods
ZIL-133 GYa v2.0.0.0
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ZIL-133 GYa v2.0.0.0

Made the front of the cab a selectable color
Set the engine sound
Made the mirrors adjustable with the mouse
Truck cost - 67,500
Maximum speed - 90 km / h
The volume of the fuel tank is 170 liters.
The volume of the body is 20,000 liters.
Dashboard animated
Working lighting
Choice of wheels (ZIL, KamAZ)
Choice of color of the cab, body
Trailer cost - 23500
Body capacity - 10,000 liters.
Choice of wheels (ZIL, KamAZ)
Choice of body color

Alteration author: kilibin
Other authors: AVSR, Alex Kaiser, Maximka, irakls, FS19: Sanya DERZ


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