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Zuckerrohr Ernter Pack v1.1
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Zuckerrohr Ernter Pack v1.1

Here is again something for the people who like to complain.
The pack is only for harvesting sugarcane.
I once made a sugarcane harvesting pack because the original does not suit me. It consists of the Fendt Ideal (60000l grain tank, increased refueling u.
extended maintenance interval) and a maize header (12m working width, 15km / h for harvesting and extended maintenance interval.)
The denture does a few more warnings that I have not got away yet, but it works.
And if you do not like it do not need to load or complain. Thank you.


  • Rdddsii
    2019-01-11 15:58 Send message
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    Thank you. You just made this game bearable. Without "follow me" mod this job is impossible.
  • Ps4


    2019-06-23 13:21
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    please add to ps4
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