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Zweisternhof GP v1.1
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Zweisternhof GP v1.1


- Fixed vehicle shop, it is now possible to buy large devices
- Sheep pasture added by MW_PLACEABLE_HOF, but only works with new Savegame.
With existing Savegame simply sell old sheepfold and place the new in the same place.
MW_PLACEABLE_HOF in the final version 1.3 attached (slightly adapted from me - in the barn (Heyloft) can now also grass, silage, pig feed u.v.m. be stored.

I would like to introduce you to the "Zweisternhof". It is a conversion of my "Oberlausitz" from LS17. I decided to do that purely for personal reasons. I just wanted to escape this "modular system".

From the beginning you have a fully equipped yard with all animals (except chickens). So for all users who like to play with a fairly well designed courtyard. For users who rather want to play the standard of Giants, I publish the "miniature farm" without a prepared yard. Both maps are identical except for the main courtyard (Hof1). Furthermore, own courts can be created on the areas marked with courtyard 2 and courtyard 3.

I deliberately chose buildings from both standard maps. First, because Giants has done at least in this area a good job and secondly, I do not want to have the partly still from LS11 building. Third, these are the only buildings that fit the (in my opinion missed) placeable stables.

On the map all LS19 standards are available:
3 courtyards
3 outlets
6 meadows
21 fields
2 small villages
Forests around the trees
Now I can only wish a lot of fun.
As always, I'd like to thank Team Wee5t (especially Diego and Percy), Manu09, Redkeinstus for Farmlands Help and McBee.

Modell: Giants, RitchiF, BernieCSC
Idee / Konzept: RitchiF
Tester: Team Wee5t, Manu09, PrivatPrivat

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    Needs a direct modhub link, not a pay per click link. get it fixed.until then DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS!
  • Wrangler
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    LOL. Here you go wannabe link policeman. You should have done this yourself, but I did it for you. virustotal.com says 56 virus detectors say it's clean: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/28491facfc3060340a8a658b322cb46d0620342ce769adb94f0a0b98ea8eaddf/detection
  • Name
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    I like the most beautiful and exquisite map very much. Thank you!
  • Rennja
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    I love this map, especially the love for detail and the immersion. It just looks "natural". Also the size is good. Personally I don't like long trips and huge fields.I played the first version of the map, but since you've added the MW_PLACEABLE_HOF, it's even better.
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