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Ancient Warfare 1.6.4
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Ancient Warfare 1.6.4

Is now available for public download.  Note:  This mod is a separate mod from the old Catpult Mod (which has been discontinued).

* FIX -- Fix tooltip double-rendering issue in some GUIs
* FIX -- Backpacks can no longer contain other backpacks. This fixes an issue where you could put a backpack inside of itself, and it would be promptly deleted when the gui was closed. Any existing packs-in-packs will remain and can be removed safely, but no new packs can be placed inside of others.
* FIX -- add default item-stack icon for vehicle spawners for when vehicle item-models are disabled through config.
* FIX -- Fix death-message translation when a player is killed by an NPC


  • Jacob
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    i don't know how to get this mod in my game pls get back to me as soon as possible. thanks
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