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BetterStorage 0.7.3 1.6.4
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BetterStorage 0.7.3 1.6.4

Welcome to the thread of my work-in-progress mod called BetterStorage, for the lack of a better name. It adds more storage options, like Storage Crates, Backpacks, Reinforced Chests, Lockers, Armor Stands, Locks, Keys and much more... I'm aiming for fun, interesting and balanced features which would fit well into vanilla Minecraft, but also work nicely together with other mods.

- Add connected textures to crates
- Changed the placement of crates and how they connect

Made by copygirl / copyboy
Sponsored by RichardG

Thanks to everyone for motivating me, especially the nice folk in #Direwolf20!
Thanks to Notch, Mojang, MCP and Forge for making this possible!
Thanks to all the modders for the cool mods I play with every day!

Special thanks to Azanor, ChickenBones, micdoodle8, oitsjustjose, Player, skyboy, SoundLogic, SubSide and theZorro266, who all helped me in some way.
Thanks for providing translations to crafteverywhere, TDarkShadow, tonkku107, VeryBigBro and Vexatos.

  • Ryan
    2020-10-16 02:07
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    New to modding Minecraft , how would I install these mods due to the fact I have no file trace for the game ?
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