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FastLadder v1.8
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FastLadder v1.8

Requirements: Forge
FastLadder is a mod that adds 3 new ladders to the game. If you’ve ever felt like vanilla ladders in Minecraft were a bit too slow then give this mod a go.
The Iron Ladder is 1.5x faster than the standard ladder. This is probably a great little boost to what the old ladder offers but isn’t too fast to be excessive.
Gold ladders are 2x faster than standard ladders. Great for mineshafts and a good use for excessive gold stock.
And Diamond Ladders are the fastest at 2.5x normal speed. These are expensive but would be a good “sprinting” pace for climbing ladders. They may work best for very long lengths or even quick elevator shafts if you can afford them or are in creative mode.


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