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Minecraft Plus Texture Pack 1.7.4
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Minecraft Plus Texture Pack 1.7.4

This is the Minecraft Plus Texture Pack and what it aims to do is keep the feel of Vanilla Minecraft intact but use that idea and upgrade it into something a lot better.  First of all this pack doubles the standard resolution which adds a lot more canvas to work with.  It instantly seems to pop more but what really stands out and what the author of this pack has done is add a lot of details that make it seem to pop, make it seem more three dimensional!


  • A really nice looking somewhat Vanilla pack, with great updates!
  • Textures feel like they have more depth.
  • Twice the Vanilla resolution of Minecraft!

Pros and Cons:

Pros: If you are looking for a pack that still looks like what you are used to in Minecraft Vanilla but want some cool updates, this pack does this and a lot more!

Cons: This pack is not totally complete but it is very close.  If you are looking for a pack to change the entire look of the game, this isnt a pack for you.


  • 1.7.4 Support has been added!
  • Minor changes to the stone brick texture.
  • Custom music has been included at the title screen and some in game sounds / music.
  • Small edits to GUI.


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