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Skyblock 3 v1.12.2
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Skyblock 3 v1.12.2

Hello everyone!
I loved the Skyblock maps made by Noobcrew back in the day, but there wasn't really an end, literally.
So I updated the old map with only a few tweaks:
Nether wart is available
The End is available
10 new Challenges!
Multiple mini-islands containing extra items
Zombies have a chance of dropping gravel
Blazes have a chance of dropping nether quartz
Husks have a chance of dropping sand
Wither Skeletons have a chance of dropping soulsand
There is a worldborder from -1000 to 1000 in the Overworld and in the Nether
There are custom advancements 1.12+ only
When everyone is in the End, the worldborder gets reset 1.12+ only [NEW!]
When someone leaves the End, the worldborder is back, so be careful! 1.12+ only [NEW!]
Updating to 3.07 (worldborder fix) without resetting your save:
Download this zip file
Merge your save folder with the folder inside the zip
Enter your world and execute these commands:
/scoreboard objectives add end dummy
/gamerule commandBlockOutput false
/gamerule gameLoopFunction skyblock:loop
I do NOT own the Skyblock idea! I only made this map to add new possibilities to the original map.


  • Himanshu
    2020-09-24 15:42
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    I love this mod forever thank you to give this mods for free also make more mods for java edition.
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