Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    FS19 RM Seasons v1.0.0.0

  • "We will release our U.S. Midwest, Wales, and Northern Sweden GEOs first".
    Northern Sweden but not Germany? How many Swedish maps are there? Plenty of German ones though.

    Snufelstuck v4.0

  • It's like the in-game trailer lifter, but as CAAMO pointed out, there's no way that any implement that requires electrical power or a power take-off shaft could work. BTW I would totally call my penis Snüfelstück.

    AutoDrive v1.0.1.9

  • @CSI48 No, some features are actually way better when it comes to driving around, but it doesn't do the kind of field work that Courseplay does, at least not yet.

    AutoDrive v1.0.1.9

  • The newest version should be compatible with other mods, but it's not clear which one. This version has already a GUI that allows the setting for slowing the tractors down according to the course, also the possibility to create or ending a route with preexisting waypoints. The GUI is activated by pressing Ctrl+Alt+0 (keypad).

    John Deere 8030 Series v2.0

  • I agree with Martin, this thing is a beauty and it sounds like the real deal too. I usually don't care for JDs, but this one's a keeper.

    Kogel Autoloader FS19 v1.0

  • As I suspected there's a conflict with the Lizard autoloader by alfalfa6945, but they do pretty much the same job. The Kogel looks good though and I like the panels. Also, the attachment point is in a better position.

    Kogel Autoloader FS19 v1.0

  • Scratch that, I tried on the vanilla Ravenport map without other mods and it seems to work, now I have to determine which one causes the malfunctions.

    @Hoo cotton bales are also in the choice of objects to load.

    Kogel Autoloader FS19 v1.0

  • Doesn't work for me. When I attach the trailer the jacks won't rise and if I exit and reenter the truck it stops working and I can't even detach the trailer, I have to sell it.

    Sudhemmern Map v2.0.0.0

  • I really liked this map in FS17, there are so many things to do other than just selling crops. I imagine that all the production stuff will eventually be available too.

    Placeable Objects Mods Pack v1.0

  • English dude, the weird language is German. I know that most English speakers are reluctant to learn other languages, but there's something called Google translate, look it up. It took ten minutes to edit the signs and translate them in English, you can do it too, otherwise, feel free to download some of the mods in English from my Google Drive.

    Production Signs pack v1.0

  • Thank you, but I want to be absolutely clear, I only made these textures, I don't want to take credit for the actual mods, that's why I didn't upload them, the actual modder deserves all the love here.