Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    VehicleExplorer v0.9.0.1

  • Super mod.
    Darauf habe ich schon sehr gewartet.
    Als anmerkung:
    Die rechte maustaste ruft auch das courseplay menü auf.
    Bitte ändrrn, so das das cp nicht aufgerufen wird.


    FS19 Bredal K VSB v1.0.2

  • Pavementpilot (GUEST)
    2019-01-28 23:47
    Could you also do this for the Kuhn Axis 402FL spreader?

    Yes, i can.
    Look here:

    Lizard R5000 v2.0

  • Or take this:

    Fliegl Low Loader v1.0.0.1

  • same here as in v
    it dos not matter as the objekt attacher is locked or unlocked,
    the tension belts are always under the bales

    Krone Emsland Trailer Autoload v1.0

  • 23MB ???
    there is much more data from the Bucher mod inside whatwas not needet by this trailer.
    i deleted this and so my emsland trailer has onlyy 7,7MB^

    SA Sugar factory v1.1.0

  • Same problem as Keith. All other mods from "Svapa Agro" works fine. But i cant get this mod to work. Tried removing some other mods without any success. Changed the name of this mod by just removing the last letter of its name. Then it does show up in the game, but when i choose it in the store it is not possible to place it. Would love to figure out what the problem is, so i can use this mod, also "the milk factory" as it needs the sugar :)

    Kirovets K-702 WheelLoader v1.0

  • It is hard or impossible to shovel empty the silos with this monster.
    A 9m broad vehicle and only a 3m small wide shovel


    John Deere 7030 Pack v1.0

  • Hello

    there are onla the 7530 and the 7430 in the mod
    i miss the 7330, 7230, 7130.

    2. it is a rar dat, not a zip.
    must unzip the rar and pack it new as zip


    Case IH 130 Balepress Beta

  • Hey guys.
    Excellent work, i love some of mods and will trie the baller on my map.
    One simply question, have you planed to make this with a loaderwagon (poettinger or repex) instead the baler. To cut grass and load in one workdrive?
    So as thisone:
    Btw the modder from this give the perlission to make him for ls17.