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    KENWORTH K100 CABOVER FS17 v1.1.0.0

  • hi dear this are command you have to apply

    "tilt_cab" key1 = "KEY_KP_8"
    "Door_FL" key1 = "KEY_KP_7"
    "Door_FR" = "KEY_KP_9"
    "Wind_FL" key1 = "KEY_KP_4"
    "Wind_FR" key1 = "KEY_KP_5"
    "folding" key1 = "KEY_x"
    "folding" key1 = "KEY_z"
    "triAxle" key1 = "KEY_v"

    Kenworth K100 CabOver v2.1

  • Dear
      I think you have a vercion the juejo that is not compatible with some mods as this truck to activate the engine brake is activated in this way <input name = "JAKEBRAKE" key1 = "KEY_KP_6" butt device = " 0 "mouse =" "/> and not the =" KEY_KP_7 "and something is blocking the wheels you the vehicleWheels.xml and for that reason her dad much trouble, revice the log to see the problems.

    Dump V1

  • The truck is http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/kenworth900bmultilif-v1-1-beta/


  • Dear

    it seems that where you live no trucks because here you leave a lik to see some with the tire on the dump truck



  • dear mr thawk09
    by sicaso not know that tanbien the elevalble shaft at the back puts you leave a lik to see



  • Dear Mr THAWK09
    I would clarify that the first model I had was one lift axle date 19/3/2015 6:36 KENWORTH K100 Cabover V1 and was in April 2015 you wrote asking me permission to use my mods as the mail index or you have already olvodo, I can reembiar it or publish it here.

    his first mod that was mine and I throw you check well.


  • est une version hivernale de l'économie de la construction minière ce qui se passe est seulement modifié pour utiliser le mien car je ne l'ai encore la permission de publier


  • you can review and if you find another mod than both mine and remove ask myself that talking or entertaining test it as they write and write just because you do not know that Asher.

    vous pouvez consulter et si vous trouvez un autre mod que la mienne et me demander de retirer que de parler ou de test divertissant comme ils écrivent et écrire juste parce que vous ne savez pas que Asher.

    384 Petbilt Dump Bed Tri axle V2

  • THAWK09

    I want to clarify that although the mod is always free and will be my mod and therefore I can modify veses as much as you breathe and do not want to ask for permission or change and then it refuses to change is more so with respetoso copyright


    Peterbilt 384 dump v5

  • hello

    very respectfully present myself am the original creator of the mod and my name is not as you anpaes cre to be someone else and the light is with you lanso vercion 4 and porcierto I never request permission to release my mod.

    second axis and the third had it in DepNet.com for the truck trailer and so I put in the vercion 4 which would be good but as I was already testing a script in another truck.

    so when we talk about someone to investigate well firs