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  • @Brandon092 "I cannot justify 24+ hours of time spent on modding for nothing in return."
    You do realise by monetising your Mods your in direct violation of Giants TOS and the License Agreement for the Giants Editor. They clearly state anything created or modified with their software/assets belongs to them.
    I don't mind modders posting donation links for people to support them, but putting mods behind a paywall is wrong.

    FS19 Bruks un v1.2

  • that was the second time i downloaded it so that is why it had the 1 behind it but it still did the same thing the first time i downloaded it. the only one that is working is 1.0. version 1.1 and 1.2 has been tried and it shows that error and shows up in the mod list but cant use it. i removed all bruks from the mods and tried the 1.2 and it still did the same thing. the only one that is working so far is 1.0 for me.

    FS19 Bruks un v1.2

  • it will show up in the mods list but when i go to career and it shows the mods to click on it is not there.

    FS19 Bruks un v1.2

  • Error: Invalid mod name 'FS19_Bruks (1)'! Characters allowed: (_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). The first character must not be a digit

    this is what is in my log ... i have deleted all other bruks and redownloaded this agian to show you since i deleted the first time it wasn't working right.


  • Shouldn't need to close any windows asap, as mods should be uploaded to legitimate sites that don't want to try installing malicious software or viruses on your computers. A Google Drive link would be plenty sufficient and more user friendly for the majority of people.
    Modsfile.com is pretty much the reason why I have stopped downloading mods from farmingsimulator19mods and stopped visiting that site, cause nearly every mod is being uploaded and hidden behind this malware infested crap.

    Multiple Contracts v1.0

  • Awesome, Thanks.
    Does anyone know what to edit so we can use rented stuff on our own fields?
    (I mean rented on a mission :) )

    FS19 Bruks un v1.2

  • for some reason it shows up in the mod list but when i go to campain it didn't show up. and then i went to the log. it showed and error on it.


  • Haven't been able to download a file from Modsfile.com ever. Really hate the sites that link their downloads to this website. All it ever does when you click the download button is open new browser tabs and want you to install some dodgy browser extension. No matter how many times you click the download button a save file box never opens or appears.

    Forgotten Plants - Icons v1.0


    ~Download this mod https://www.modhoster.de/mods/indivitualhudfruit .
    ~Open the mod "indivitualhudfruit"
    ~zzzz_IndividualHudFruit copy and paste directly into the mods folder Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\mods

    Inside the same mod file "IndividualHudFruit" you'll see


    unpack again.

    and paste the included file into the main folder. Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019

    FS19 SaveGame Editor v1.0

  • RAR only has a jpg file and a link to another website which has the same file uploaded to it. either the auther made a mistake or its just a fake.