Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    2006 Chevy 3500HD v2

  • I was wondering if I could have permission to send the mod to a friend of mine on cyf modding with edits I done to it with u in the credits

    Goweil LT Master v1.0.0.0

  • Unable to stop the wrapper from wrapping grass bails. Unable to sell woodchip bales at the sawmill, cant drop them in the trigger and if i drop it and cut it open it still wont go in. Need to scoop it up with a bucket and dump it. I have made a posting in the forum.

    JD Farms version v1

  • If so how are we supposed to do that. Few other small things but all in all a great map. If these few things get fixed i could see myself playing this all the time.

    JD Farms version v1

  • When you go to fill seeders or fertilizers it wont let because for some reason the button that is tied to that is now tied to the fasten tension belts. but the normal fasten tension belts still works for that. so i was just wondering how hard this would be to fix? Otherwise like Terry said do we own all the fields or do we have to buy them?

    OklahomaRevised FS17 v1.0.0.1

  • Hi all i can't even get the map to show up in the game and i know it's in the mod folder so what could be going on thanks for any help if you can.

    Liebherr pr 776 v1

  • it dose not work on fs17 that is a fs15 mod which would be nice if it was turned into a working fs17 mod