Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Animal Feed Mixers v1.0.0.0

  • Sorry, copy and paste didn't work: change rotSpeed on these nodes in the xml.
    node 1|1|0 300, 1|1|1 300, 1|1|2|0 -200, 1|1|2|1 -200 1|1|3 300, 1|1|4 300

    Animal Feed Mixers v1.0.0.0

  • The feed augers turn wrong direction, change rotSpeed=" " as follows and they will turn the right direction. Great mod, thanks.

    Case IH 7200 2WD v1.0

  • nice looking mod but get these errors:
    Warning: Wheel brand 'Firestone' is not defined for 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration(0)'!
    Warning: Wheel brand 'Firestone' is not defined for 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration(1)'!
    Warning: Wheel brand 'Firestone' is not defined for 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration(2)'!
    Warning: Wheel brand 'Firestone' is not defined for 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfigurati

    Second Gen Long Bed v1.0.0.0

  • ok so i been useing this truck for boutta day and the sound its like when it shifts or somthing it sounds like somthing passing cam if you could fix that would be nice Thanks!

    Terragator v3.0

  • I get this error as soon as I start to drive the default chassis and with customizations and attached body on mod maps, haven't tested on game maps yet. Hope this helps. Great mod by the way, thanks.
    Error: No depth map available, but shape 'drivingDust' (emitter1Ref) with material 'fx_smoke01_mat' uses a custom shader which requires reading depth data.

    noCollisionCamera v17.0.0

  • I keep getting Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization drivable are fulfilled
    I do not know what it means or if it pertains to noCollision Camera v17.0.3
    I do not see any other problems. Very helpful mod, thanks

    Cruiser12XL v1.0.0.0

  • xml plows not >plow< otherwise it will show up in Misc
    Thanks for the plow, it works good.

    Neubrunn Map v1.0.0.0

  • Nice map. Thank you.
    ai error: could not find FS19_Neubrunn/data/shared/ai/trafficCollision.i3d
    Not sure how to link to $data so I copied and added it from $data to Neubrunn file. No more error!

    TX 415 Barrelcore ITRunner v1.0

  • Is there a .lua to prevent an ai from unloading the manure or slurry spreaders when hired? This occurs with the SX 210 as well as other HKL trucks and trailers. I'm running FS17_1.5.3.1. Any help appreciated.

    County Line v1.1

  • i dont know what up but i put my crops in storage save and exit the game and when i reopen and run the game everything is gone....any ideas how to fix it ???

    MidWest Family Farms V2

  • i dont know if i am doing anything wrong but i can not buy hog from market i have to buy them one click at at time any advise to get it to work....? thanks in advance