Farming simulator 2019 mods

user "darnellm09" placed comments

    Volvo VNL 2018 v1.8 (upd. 09.01.19) 1.33.x

  • Don't matter, the truck too damn laggy soon as you turn on that lights, no tunings, this truck just looks pretty at best. I trashed it till you fix the light system.....you should be glad somebody trying to share this piece of junk! SMDH

    Lusty Tippers v1.0 1.32.x

  • He can list it wherever he wants, "Mr Cheerleader"....it has the proper credits........shut up with yo lame azz!

    Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.4.1 by Aradeth

  • boooooooooooooooo it's still ah piece of crap mod....mod takes over sim sounds even if you turn it off, it DOES conflict with other mods....I had to totally remove it from my mod folder to get it to shut up......you idiots DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE A PROPER TRUCK MOD and your description about this mod is full of crap!!!!

    Kenworth T908 adapted ATS

  • You phuckers at RTA got NO RIGHTS TO SELL the Kenworth name, better go learn U.S. Copyright Infringement Laws and stop being azzholes........I'm personally gonna "report" ya azz's to the Kenworth Company so you can break off some of that illegal money your making to Kenworth!