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    Automatic barrier placeable v1.0

  • Does exactly what an automatic barrier should do, if not automatically lol
    Will admit i downloaded as i thought it was fully automatic. However it does the job and it does not take too long to jump out and open the barrier.
    TY author for the mod.

    Bromar Motherbin V1.1

  • @Xetoa there is an issue with the connection on this version. When connecting any tractor the rear wheels are lifted off the ground making it very unstable and unable to be moved. Please see image for reference: - https://imgur.com/a/agJPjdg

    Challenger 1000 Vario v1.0.0.0

  • Surprise surprise another stolen mod appears on here.
    Original version by Custom Modding on Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/custom.mdg

    If you want this mod then please use the correct download location.


  • Brandon, quick question if i may. Nothing wrong with the mod at all btw.
    What would i need to do to remove the red from this to have it as just black?
    If this is a complex procedure that would take a lot of your time to explain, please ignore this as i do not want to take up your time on a question that is of no significance to the actual released mod. TY


  • Colors looking perfect sir! All appearances are fully working correctly. One thing i have noticed is the front attachment 'may' be a little too high. Trying to use the bucket attachment to clean up around the chickens and the bucket is too high in the lowered position. More a FYI than a 'complaint' though.
    Thank you for continuing to develop this mod. Have a good Christmas.


  • @Brandon, i worked out how to get the colors on the Mahindra Longbox...
    Copy 'retrieverDecal_diffuse.dds' & 'retriever_specular.dds' from the mods zip folder to '\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 19\pdlc'
    This sorts out all except the speedometer as the mod is looking for textures in the wrong place.
    Hope this helps´╗┐

    JBX Settings v1.9.13 - Reshade

  • Does using this still ask you to buy the full game, even when you own it, every 15-20 minutes? Previous versions all did, for me at least.

    Fliegl DPW 180 Squarebale Autoload v0.0.2.0

  • Well the load function works and you can drop them beside the trailer but no other movement of bales to unload appears to be working as stated in description. Bales are dropped to the left of the trailer on the ground only.