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    JBX Settings v1.9.13 - Reshade

  • Does using this still ask you to buy the full game, even when you own it, every 15-20 minutes? Previous versions all did, for me at least.

    Fliegl DPW 180 Squarebale Autoload v0.0.2.0

  • Well the load function works and you can drop them beside the trailer but no other movement of bales to unload appears to be working as stated in description. Bales are dropped to the left of the trailer on the ground only.

    Honey Dew Farms Xl v1.0.0.3 Final

  • Once again a top-notch map. TY. Any edits done in future are above and beyond the call of duty for a modder. The two changes you mention to pens and start house would be appreciated though. Once again many thanks!

    Agricultural peninsula LS19 v1.2

  • Author may well be aware of this but this site refuses to post links to the originating site so no-one can keep up-to-date on a downloaded mods progress or version. It's great to have a site that collects all the FS mods but linking to the original location should be mandatory.

    BigBag for All Animals v1.0

  • Thomas, the price for 5x normal pig food (5k) is $5000
    Your mod for 5k is $6500?
    Maybe reduce the price down to $4500

    Valtra S by Stevie

  • Please disregard this comment as i have tracked down the original post by the author

    Valtra S by Stevie

  • Strange... Looking at Stevie's mods for FS19 (https://www.facebook.com/StevieFSMods/posts/1595247203904892) and there is no mention of the Valtra being updated for 19 from 17 as of yet? Is there a link not posted by the author that leads to this update?


  • This would be great if the trees had collision on them. Also the train tracks are a real PITA to cross as all of them are raised at road junctions.

    Ravenport PROPER v2.1

  • Thank you for the amount of work put in to making the game 'better' for us. Much appreciated.

    US map v4.00

  • Barbicha, Love the map edits. One small detail i have noticed is the triple vehicle shed down by field 21 has its markers and decorative equipment floating a bit off the floor.
    Image for reference> https://imgur.com/a/QZayhQe