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    Honey Dew Farms Xl v1.0.0.3 Final

  • Once again a top-notch map. TY. Any edits done in future are above and beyond the call of duty for a modder. The two changes you mention to pens and start house would be appreciated though. Once again many thanks!

    Agricultural peninsula LS19 v1.2

  • Author may well be aware of this but this site refuses to post links to the originating site so no-one can keep up-to-date on a downloaded mods progress or version. It's great to have a site that collects all the FS mods but linking to the original location should be mandatory.

    BigBag for All Animals v1.0

  • Thomas, the price for 5x normal pig food (5k) is $5000
    Your mod for 5k is $6500?
    Maybe reduce the price down to $4500

    Valtra S by Stevie

  • Please disregard this comment as i have tracked down the original post by the author

    Valtra S by Stevie

  • Strange... Looking at Stevie's mods for FS19 (https://www.facebook.com/StevieFSMods/posts/1595247203904892) and there is no mention of the Valtra being updated for 19 from 17 as of yet? Is there a link not posted by the author that leads to this update?


  • This would be great if the trees had collision on them. Also the train tracks are a real PITA to cross as all of them are raised at road junctions.

    Ravenport PROPER v2.1

  • Thank you for the amount of work put in to making the game 'better' for us. Much appreciated.

    US map v4.00

  • Barbicha, Love the map edits. One small detail i have noticed is the triple vehicle shed down by field 21 has its markers and decorative equipment floating a bit off the floor.
    Image for reference> https://imgur.com/a/QZayhQe

    MKS8 Chemical Tank v1.0

  • Agggh unable to d/l as the link drops into a spam site requiring a chrome download to proceed. Could you please upload to modhub too. TY in advance