Farming simulator 2019 mods

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  • Noticed recently that if you hire a worker with this implement and then tab to another to work the game will freeze up and freak out. I narrowed it down to this mod on several different maps, not sure if it is conflicting with another mod but after deleting this one the error stopped.

    Case IH 1660 Americanized v1.0

  • shouldn't use a 45ft cutter on a 1660 I like the Americanized idea but don't go overboard the biggest it could possibly handle is a 30 ft

    Need help with bobcat v1.0

  • this is something I could try to work on this but a manual start to in would be hard I but I would be happy to take this file and turn it in to a bobcat 753 or a bobcat s160

    Dodge Ram Pack v1.0

  • when download dodge ram pack 1.0 V, went to play my game. Wasen't there, can you check into it?