Farming simulator 2019 mods

user "graytomcat " placed comments

    Apache Hills v1.1.0

  • This map has some issues the barn doors when you walk up to them open automatic but don't close light switches doesn't work can't open up the shop or the map and info


  • Great map nice improvement but change the barns with barns with doors on the side and lights. The shop needs improvement the New Holland sign is in the street and the shop to close to the street. Move the fuel tank closer to the front.

    Factory Farm v1.4.2

  • Great map I like it but should put the animals closer to the mean farm like putting them cross the road from the mean farm if needed make it bigger. putting lights in the barns. Need more railroad crossing gates. Have the chickens in a pin and the horses in a nice corral.

    FS 17 Missouri River Bottoms v11

  • It's a great map but need to be updated the fuel tanks half is in the barn and the dog pin is half in the barn the other half is out side. The on screen map the fields are blue. where is the selling point for eggs. where is the grass around the house.

    Hillbilly valley v2.0

  • This map look great but need updates and improved the fuel tank half of it in the barn and no cow barn. Has no equipment