Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Mario Map 11.9 for 1.25

  • Hello, do not know who made the map of South America but is lousy entire area of Peru, Bolivia, please correct such barbarity, otherwise no complaints

    Coast to Coast Map - NEW VERSION v1.9

  • hello, there is an error on Highway 96 to Toronto route grand rapids, north of the factories of Detroit city ... the way this supposedly closed by yellow direction arrows that you send to Detroit city itself but can cross them. Correct the error. Thank you

    Oversize Trailer V1.25 (UPDATE) 1.25.x

  • hello, a little mod unstable. At times out of the game and in other cases when you go to the shop with f7 sinks load the truck. Please check it. Thank you. Regards

    Volvo VNL670 by Aradeth for ATS v1.5

  • hello, install and all very good if not excellent, but when you buy another truck failure appears with the side mirrors, the image appears head and no way of how to fix them. Please if you check. Thank you

    Truck Sim Map v6.4 for 1.25

  • hello, install it but not like in other versions which could put other maps and combine perfectly in this case I combined with rusmap 1.6.3 and I installed open russian 3.2 goes well, no mistake but if the zoom does not function beyond that, it limits you. I've also tried with turkey map and just have an error in the city of pecs where the road is broken. the Russian map've teamed up with map southregion 6.0 and can not be loaded, you boot, in this case I have previously done and now can not.

    Peterbilt 351 v1.0

  • hello, I tried it in ETS2 1.25x, the truck runs out sound when you change engine immediately lose the tailpipe and do not have as back. Those two mistakes ...