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    Bandit Truck Trailer and Car v1.0

  • Actually, I am in no way affiliated with Technic mods. Get your facts right. Any TRUE Smokey and the Bandit fan knows that truck is a disgrace and I have spoken to a few and have all agreed with me. Plain and simple. The trailer and car are fine. Sorry im not a blind ass kisser like all of you.

    Bandit Truck Trailer and Car v1.0

  • @WINSTON958 Dont matter where ther truck came from, FACT is its NOT a proper truck for this at all. TRUE smokey and the bandit fans know this. Face it, your screwed it up.

    Cat Truck V2

  • IF and When I do get a working version of the CT660... I can guaran damn tee you I will not be sharing it or re uploading it anywhere. I'm finally understanding why there are soo many private mods and private / hidden groups.

    Cat Truck V2

  • Dont bother download, the only thing you get is a giant Cat, literally then animal, a Cat......

    JohnDeere 8370R and Degelman Silage Blade v1.0

  • To the person who shared this, You said and I quote "mods are not meant to be private". Are you completely retarded? YES, it would be great if all the modders actually cared about the community to release their amazing works, BUT the reality of it is, they don't, and don't have to. They put in hours and hours of work into making the model, texturing it, scripting it, testing it. Its up to them whether or not to release.

    East Frameless End Dump v1

  • All I gotta say is at least Technic Mods and Fuct'd Modding are releasing stuff.... unlike all the other scared butthurt maggots who keep their mods to themselves.

    Brent Avalanche Auger Wagon Dyeable v1.0

  • Awww poor baby is all butthurt....your nothing but a lowly maggot. You are a disgrace to the human race. Here, You will enjoy this; http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/64362630.jpg

    Bergmann GTW430 ST Mega Pack v1.0

  • @Jesus Christ, or should I say D.j. Cunningham... if you don't like em don't use em. Simple as that. Lots of people like them, I am getting requests for more brands to be done. As I clearly stated I did this for fun and people where asking for them. There was a demand, so I helped out unlike so many of you.

    Holaras Silage Blade Dyeable v1.0

  • @ Guest - I have no idea who this Tony is that your referring to but I assure you my name is not Tony. I don't do fundraising, or anything like that at all. The vast majority of my mod edits are dyeable... thats the whole point... giving people the choice of color. All mods edited where downloaded from public sites. So, maybe next time before you try and "assume" or "Accuse" people you will pull your head out of your ass and get facts.
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