Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Australian Outback Map v1

  • There are no people on this site who are afraid of viruses or pop-ups on sharemods. You shouldn't have posted a discord link here. here everyone knows how to download from sharemods. besides with sharemods you could get some money to buy new dls. it is a pleasant return for the work done.
    or do you somehow make money by increasing the number of subscribers of the discord group?

    SCS map improvements now with connector v1.1.201

  • drive.google.com does not reward authors for downloading their products as far as I understand. so if the author is such an altruist, why is he opposed to others making money by spreading his work. because he himself will not receive a penny anyway

    Montana Expansion v0.9.5 1.39

  • XRECONLOBSTERX I had to patch an older version of the mod to be compatible with Promods Canada, I hope this version is already compatible without the need for manual edits?

    Exhaust Smoke for ATS 1.39

  • проверил твой мод и отправляю его в топку. сделано без внимания к деталям , лишь бы было. у тебя дым из прямых труб дует криво а из загнутых прямо.

    Trains Everywhere (road nightmare) 1.37

  • The modders community is not obliged to make mods according to your requirements ****. Eat that **** that they give you and be thankful because it's a free. if you want mods according to your requests, pay money for our work. so i want to say to everyone unhappy users, with a quote from the famous movie: Fuck You Asshole (c) The Terminator (1984)

    Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v4.8

  • @WARNING @PAM you both are silly!
    issues The problems arise not because of the use of these mods, but because of the traffic density. and your ignorance.
    first return your traffic density g_traffic "1.0"
    second add to your game link afer line: "C:\Games\American Truck Simulator\bin\win_x64\amtrucks.exe"
    separated by space

    -mm_max_resource_size 30

    -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000


    for your PC Memory optimizations<