Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    SugarCane v1.2

  • well, the pack is also offered in the FS17 area of that portal.

    Kombajn + heder gigant Multifrutis v1.0

  • I collect mods with gigantic machines like this. A corntank of 10000000 liters is a big capacity. But, I cannot find the mod in my modlist in the game. I downloaded the rar-File, extracted the zip-Files as Zip-file in the modsfolder an can't the mods activate in the game. What mistake did I make?

    Grimme 20 from Vaszics v1.2

  • has this updated version the same problem than the old one? If I use the harvesters, it doesn't matter witch one of that 7 in the mod, with a helper, the choosen harvester lurches more than a sailing ship in a storm.

    City2 from Vaszics v1.0

  • I tried to start the map. The startscreen is running, and runs, and still runs - after I came back from shopping, it was still running. And no, there are no other maps in the mod directory.

    Grimme Pack v1.0

  • Its a nice mod, but the harvesters are swinging due harvesting with a helper. It looks like the helper is drunken.

    KST Map Final v2.4.7

  • Ich finde den Hinweis auf die zusätzlich benötigten Mods nicht schlecht, aber einen Link in die Mapbeschreibung mit einbauen würde sicher viele Nachfragen ersparen.

    OGF USA MAP 2018 v1.0

  • @KAFFEE: Nicht motzen, besser machen! Ich würde mich über einen Link zu einer Map von Dir sehr freuen, nur mal so zum Testen. Meckern ist so einfach. Da gilt aber immer noch die alte Weisheit: Wenn einem eine Map nicht gefällt, braucht man sie nicht downloaden und spielen.

    Sudhemmern V15.0

  • @KRZYSZTOF: Than the uploader is a thief, because he changed the versionnumber and uploaded the map as his one (entries in credits). This is one case of crime more, even if the version is 14.1. I play the original. No support for thiefs.

    Frisian march v5.0

  • I am a little surprised. The describtion in this map is exactly the same than in an other map also stolen by LOWSE, word by word exactly the same. How can that be? I am playing both maps and they are absolutly diffent from each other.

    Sudhemmern V15.0

    Than is the uploader really a thief. I contacted the mapper of "Suedhemmern". He said me, the latest version is V 14.1. Also there are no informations in "Credits". It might be possible that the maps is working but the uploader tries to get a name with wellknown maps from other mappers.

    Sudhemmern V15.0

  • I am a little confused. On my PC I have all versions of the Südhemmern Map from GMCW. The latest version is 14.1 sugarcane edition. Here I cannot find any credits and no other nformations about the mapper and owner of the map. Can you give me please more informations. And more pictures of the map would be very helpfull. For me it seems that is the map for LS15. The pictures for LS15 and LS17 are different.

    Projekt Unna 2017 v6.0.1.3

  • Thomas, you are knowing you're wrong in your handling. on the page for that map is written, that everyone is allowed to change the map but only for private using. I felt so free and informed the owner of the map and the page. You are one reason because nonody wants to publishing new maps ore mods for free.

    Canadian Ultimate v10 Fix

  • I tried to visit the bakery - was standing inside the building. I tried to visit the canary - also inside the building only. Hey boy, what have I done? Fix the problems on that map as fast as possible. Do you know the 1:10 rule? 1 hour writing a program or build a map costs you 10 hours to check what you've done before. I am an old programer and only these both mistakes show me, you didn't check all possibilies, jump points etc. on your own map before publishing.

    Valley Crest old farm v1.3

  • @Allan: You can write errormassages as much as you want you won't get an answer. Thomas ist NOT the modder, he's only the person whom copied the file from another page, mostly without permission.