Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    XLFarms X2 v2.0.0.1

  • can you please do a multifruit version i like the mega farming but would like to do the added fruit types

    Animal Worker v2.2

  • For some reason the mod worker does not stay active. Every time i start my game the worker is inactive, even though in the mod settings xml it says it is active. Also pressing left alt and 0 does nothing

    Any help appreciated

    Apart from that great mod


  • I know you shouldnt 3 years of ats and thats the only dlc I didnt purchase until recently bc I figured id never need or use it. Thankfully I got it under a buck on steam and as you stated yes if it hadnt been locked id have just pulled those defs.


  • sorry cyrus wasnt trying to post negative comments but it did crash I figured it out and it works great......Guys if your having issues make sure u have the steering creation pack for ats and it will work fine if you dont then it will crash.


  • trouble with current courseplay again only shows 2.9m width and even when overridden (does actually cut 9.3m) crashes the game when attempting to use a tender to unload.

    Northwind Acres v1.0.1.1

  • only downside to this map is its a bit featureless at the top of the map the town area is very nice well done there I am all for flat lands especially for building on but maybe just a bit of forest and hills in the distance would make all the difference to this map then it would not look so much like a pool table with a town area at one end maybe move the town around the map a little just to break up the vast empty look at the top end .

    just a few things I think you

    FS19 Crazy Header 100 Meter v1.0

  • ever thought of making the header for sunflowers as well as corn like any other combine in the store would be only right to do that instead of doing only half the job .other than that it works ok.
    BUT the header back lights are on all the time even with the header of the combine.

    Westbridge Hills v1.1

  • When I start the map and tab into a machine, I don't move to that machine.
    can't play this map and it's my favorite map.
    Any ideas?
    I have no mods and clean install.