Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Mack Pinnacle 1.30.x

  • is there any plan to fix the steering and give it a proper steering radius and not just a quarter turn

    American Wood Map v1.05

  • I wish map makers would post a picture of the map legend. I won't download a map without one because every time I did it was not my style.

    Missouri River Bottoms USA 15 beta2

  • Nothing Terry, nothing. Your laptop cant run it. It's time to move on from this map. There's too much going on. Tons of errors. Too many hoops to jump through. It's only playable to someone who has a gaming PC and truckload of patience. It's a good effort but at the end of the day its just not a map I see myself playing. There's better options out there.

    Missouri River Bottoms USA 15 beta2

  • I'm sorry, but this is the first map I cannot play on Fs15. I can play all of the detailed maps on FS-Uk that basically have a disclaimer saying low end PC's will not get a good FPS. Well, I can play them all without a lag. If I cant play it then only about 2% of the people on here will be able to. Kinda sad, looks like a fun map