Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    T800 HH Service v1.0

  • this is a great mod thanks to the maker you did a great job any chance of getting the truck on the trailer love the t800 kenworth thanks again keep them coming

    Pack trailer USA standalone v1

  • i love this mod but as i was playing i noticed that some trailers didnt have lights but this is a great mod im canadian so i see alot of these styles of trailers here and can you make a super b trailer set some double pup trailers that would be great keep up the good work look forword to see more great mods

    Mack Vision beta v2

  • and i was thinking maybe you could add some different upgrades like different bunks and maybe a choice for a daycab of duel stacks

    Mack Vision beta v2

  • this is a great mod i love the mack truck line good strong truck but can you please fix the hook up to the trailer the trailer sits high on the fifth wheel and looks like it is floating thank you very much and thanks for the great mod

    Kenworth dump V1

  • this is a very good mod i love the t800 kenworth the sliding needs fixed and maybe a hitch to hook a trailer up and will someone please make or tell me where i can find some super b grain trailers

    Manor Farm v1.0

  • hi, ive just downloaded ur map I cant wait to play it but cant seem to up load it to my game please help

    Liebherr 900 (Black Logging Edition v2.0)

  • SWEET MOD! I like that its only the interior view just like real life, what machine do you know of in real life that lets you operate it in third person?????!? ... yeah exactly

    Inverted mouse camera is kinda wacky but great job all around!

    Load Trail eqipment trailer

  • Dang dude the best trailer ever i think its the best ever trailer ill use to haul but one problem i had to redownload it once so i give a rating is:100% GOOD! man good job dude the best.

    Forest Mod v2.0 Beta

  • Zach, only time that happened is when i downloaded it a 2nd time and it downloaded with aForestMod(1) and the mods folder only recognises aForestMod. Check the name, drag it back out of folder, start game, quit game, drag it back in folder and start game, hopefully should appear. If not, no idea, been a beta shouldnt make too much difference unless it clashes with a mod you already have installed.

    Forest Mod 1.0 Beta

  • Zach just commented in other thread. Make sure when you download it, you dont unzip it, just drag it to the mods folder. Also make sure its called aForestMod because if you have downloaded it more than once and its called aForestMod(x) it wont work. I had problems with crashing (on version 1) and not showing up in shop (because of the name), but works fine now. Only thing i need to check is someone said that if you have pigs installed on the map, they disappear when you open the save game.

    Forest Mod v2.0 Beta

  • Zach, should work on most maps, ive tried it on Springhill Valley with no problems.

    When you say it wont work, whats it doing or not doing? Do the items show up in the shop?