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    Valley Crest Farm v1.4

  • Also, Thank you Waterboy for helping me out. I was able to load the map with all my mods, and added 2 more to go with the building materials on the map. Hoping this will work fine now. --- So to the AUTHOR of the map, now that I have been able to open it, it looks great, except for the large fields, but I can live with them...

    Valley Crest Farm v1.4

  • That was the answer I've been looking for, now the map opens ONLY with the ORIGINAL FS17 Train. I don't know the reason for this, but it could be that there are more trains on the map then the drive-able ones.

    Valley Crest Farm v1.4

  • I tried it with zero mods, and still could not get it to work, so I'm guessing that there has to be a mod that helps it open, but wouldn't know because I didn't create the map.

    Valley Crest Farm v1.4

  • I'm guessing from the response I have received from the Author, it seems that he doesn't take care of those that would download it.

    Valley Crest Farm v1.4


    Are there any required mods for this map?

    The reason I ask this question is for the following reason. I removed ALL of my mods from the mod folder before trying to load this map, and all it does is LOCK-UP my system. So after trying for the last few weeks of loading this map, and the AUTHOR REFUSES to tell us what we need for this map. I'll have to guess that this map was never meant to be on-line.

    Valley Crest Farm v1.3

  • Are there required mods to open this map file, since I'm having trouble with no mods at all....

    Valley Crest Farm v1.2.1.0

  • Maybe it's just me, but I can't get the map to load. Tried with-out any mods in the folder except the map, and it still will not load....

    Ztr mower v1

  • I'm surprised after 2 months this mowers bagging unit still doesn't work like it should. Is there no one out there that can fix this problem, because I have tried several time to do it myself, but I'm no able to get both parts done. I can get the pick-up working, but can never discharge the clippings.

    Komatsu EX 50 v1.1 beta

  • the forklift is not the problem, but I do have two words to be added to this forklift --- COUNTER WEIGHT

    Rocky Mountains v1.7

  • Has any else noticed that there areas of grass that can not be mowed? I was wondering if this was a glitch with my system.

    Ztr mower v1

  • When I said no pick-up, I was talking about the bagged unit. In FS-15 this unit allowed you to pick-up the grass as you mowed, so you could store it in your silo, now it doesn't. Plus, I'm guessing some people don't consider mowing the over-grown fields of grass, so will some one please write a brush-fire script, this way, they will have reasons to mow the fields...

    Gal Low Loader Trailer v2.0

  • in FS-15 this trailer had a lock-load script, so could you please add lock-down straps to it, other than that it's a great trailer.