Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    John Deere Model 20 Plow for John Deere 332 v1.0

  • The pack has the small seed spreader I couldnt really find a real world seeder small enough for the John Deere 332 Do you know of one Some of them seemed small enough but compared to the tractor they were huge

    John Deere 332 Lawn Tractor with Lawn Mower and Garden v2.0

  • If by Modhub you mean Giants Modhub Im going to try getting it on modhub one more time and if Giants doesnt give me a reason when they decline it I will never try putting another mod on Modhub again They have so far only ever said the mod does not meet the quality without stating any of the reasons why I have a life so I dont need to waste my time and unfortunately I couldnt care less if people who bought cheap consoles can access all of the same things that people with PCs can

    CASE IH 235 lawn Tractor and Car Hauler Mod Pack v2.0

  • I do agree with you but at the same time I don't agree. None of the errors have caused any issues with the mod or the game so why stop people from using the mod just because I've been unable to fix them? The mod is very usable and fun to use. Also if you take a look at nearly any of the popular mods they will have errors, I've checked. Unless you look at one of the edits of something in game there are tons of those mods. We are all learning and trying to create something fun and usable for the