Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Doritos Factory v1.2

  • I think so but you are welcome to edit the xml to how you want to play.
    This is my last update on this one.

    Doritos Factory v1.1

  • Ah I forgot about that I’ll replace canola for colza oil if that’s what people want.

    Doritos Factory v1.0

  • I may do I dont use that oil mod that is the reason Ive not added it to this one but i may up date later on

    Land Rover Trailer v1.0

  • The Land Rover was available for a while on the modders discord but he removed the link.
    So it’s not available at the moment. I don’t want to upload it as it’s not mine to do so. There are other Land Rovers out there tho just not as good unfortunately.

    Animals Keeper v1.0.0.0

  • For stable litter you have No, No Pigs No Cows etc.. but instead if Yes you have sì what xml is that in to changed cant find it?