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    Tasmania and Australia Map 1.35

  • The def fix is Wombat Trucker's, which only adds a ferry from Calkais. Here is My def fix which fixes several corrupt files and replaces the ferries, which were broken: https://sharemods.com/mfmqypyos4na/Australia_Tasmania_map_v5.3_def_FIX_v3.scs.html
    THis DOES get Tasmania working in 1.35!

    Arizona Improvement Project V2.0.p - Yavapai County

  • While this is an interesting addition, it has a bad case of invisible walls, and one hole that I am aware of. I have reported the invisible walls to the author. He either does not care, oor is too stupid to remove them. I would have thought that by v2.0, such problems would have been resolved.

    CP Kurses und MP Autodrive for Holzer Map v2.0

  • English:

    Change log version 2.0.0

    Add Autodrive Nav System for Multiplayer for Holzer Map
    If you are then in the MP you have to create the courts accordingly, the best 6 pieces because a total of 6 farmID's in the xml are available (for the 6 permanently built yards). Then you have to decide which of the farms you want to join. The following applies here:

    Courtyard 1 - Boarhof
    Courtyard 2 - Schwoagahof

    5.1m Gear v1.0

  • If You look at the trailer, the gear is set at a 45 degree angle. If we apply the pythagorean theorem to a hypoteneuse of 5.12m We get about 3.6m height plus the trailer bed, which is probably lees than half a meter. so total height is not over 4m, or for Us westerners, 11 feet. An overpass SHOULD accept 4m/11ft or have a warning sign.

    Manac Darkwing Flatbed Ownable 1.34.x

  • Game crash when picking up cargo.

    Relevant Game log errors:
    00:03:03.017 : Seeking in zlib compressed files is not allowed
    00:03:03.018 : [ogg] File format not recognised ('').
    00:04:17.222 : [fs] Failed to open file '/vehicle/trailer/manac_darkwing/loads/cargo_petesign.pmc' in the read_only mode.
    00:04:17.222 : [resource_task] Can not open '/vehicle/trailer/manac_darkwing/loads/cargo_petesign.pmc'
    00:04:17.222 : [

    Toom Baumarkt 2019 v1.0.0.0

  • In English:
    Sales point for wood chips
    As can be seen on the signs at the entrance and at the goods reception, there are opening hours.
    Goods acceptance: 8-18 o'clock
    Entrance: 8-22 clock
    At these times the gates open and close automatically.
    The inner doors have to be opened by hand.
    Note: If you place the building during the opening hours, you have to wait until the next day to open the doors and gates, as the technician must first program the times.

    Batiment en Pierre v1.0

  • English:
    Good evening everyone here is another placeable building that I decide to share with you. It has the function of opening the doors as well as manual lighting using the switch.