Farming simulator 2019 mods

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    Deutz fahr intrac v1.0

  • name if you look a little closer those aren't the mowers in the picture.
    it s not the one in the pic but if you guys are looking for a set of mowers that can windrow try this

    Throttle v1.0.0.0

  • im not sure what this mod is supposed to do but that lever is not a throttle, it controls the hydrostatic transmission the farther you push it forward the faster you go and if you pull it back past the half way point you go backwards. the "throttle" is the three orange buttons you can see between the stick and the yellow switches.

    XK-3 v1.2

  • awesome mod
    Michael remember to lower the header and use the wagon provided

    Farmall 1206 Turbo Diesel v1.0

  • constructive feedback
    it seams to have a hard time accelerating and then when you do let off the throttle it stops on a dime.
    other than that awesome mod

    John Deere S790I Eu v1.0

  • um..... i'm pretty sure its not suppose to have a krone logo on the back.......
    nitpicking aside cool mod

    AkronBagger v1.0.0.0

  • awesome mod ! one suggestion for 2.0 could you make the discharge spout on the unloader a bit longer?