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AGQJ Engine & ModernWar Sounds 8.11
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AGQJ Engine & ModernWar Sounds 8.11

AGQJ Full Engine and ModernWar Sound Files EN Installer Version
Version with ModernWar & AGQJ Sounds incl. Musik Files   Download here    
The ModernWar Sounds are Engine & Gun Sounds from Quadro7f too.
The ModernWar Sounds are Complete Different from the AGQJ. With this Installer you have both in one File.
I am not the Producer of this Sounds but i love both off them and i hold them LIVE since WOT 0.8.6.

Make backup of your current Sound Mod folders to some safe place
Download the mod and install them in “your WorldofTanks Folder"
Mark the Files you will install in the Installer Menü and all is fine.
Thats it, enjoy the mod.

PS.: This is an englisch only Version for you all // Credits: AGQJ Team: Aerial Gunner, QuadroVF, Jafdet. (sorry  :girl:  for my bad englisch)
Update 14.02.2014

- modified for 0.8.11 one  Pack for AGQJ & ModernWar Sounds

- in this Version no AGQJ Gun Sounds only the Engine and GUI-Musik files


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