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Improved British and American camo colo(u)rs 0.9.1
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Improved British and American camo colo(u)rs 0.9.1

I've never liked most of the US and UK camo patterns, because of the colors they use.  I've done a bit of research, over the last few years, trying to find the best RGB equivalents of historical paint colors.  I've applied this data to the US and UK customization files, to "kick them up a notch".

Interestingly, the stock German pattens track fairly well with my research data.  Perhaps WG has access to more German artifacts than they do American and British.

The attached archive is in .7z format, but the forum gives me an error "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" when I try to upload it with that extension.  If you have a problem extracting, either rename the file to a .7z extension, or open it with 7zip.

Unzip into the res_mods folder of 9.1 CT.


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